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The Crawler The Crawler

Rated 5 / 5 stars

THAT was an awesome flash, man! I haven't posted a review in nearly two years, but your movie really put me in the mood; I'm still impressed at how well this was made!

Animation wise, you did fantastic! The movements in the characters is incredibly smooth, and with a frame rate as fast as yours, I'm surprised you kept the quality so well throughout the entire movie. The characters move realistically, too, which is great; I've noticed that most flash authors who use frame by frame animation usually just fill in the gaps between 2 different poses, but you've gone out of your way to make the movement continuous and fluid. It looks great, I'm very impressed, and I hope you keep it up!
Also, the art is very unique! There's an incredible amount of detail when it comes to the background (I mean damn, look at all those lines), and the characters look great too! They even managed to keep the detail through their movements, and some highlights include your perspective use, your walk-less cycles, and facial features. By the way, I hope not too sound too perverted, but my GOD man, the way you drew the amputee's boobs remained so consistent and real throughout the flash; I was oddly fascinated, so good job on making me feel bad for staring. Everything else was great, but that must've taken some practice.

While the art and animation stole the show, the sound was pretty good, too, and managed to do it's job pretty well. The voice acting fit nicely, and the sound melded well with what was happening on the screen. Looking back on it, I specifically remember how well the rolling of the scooter fit with the sound, and how every foot step and scuffle was accounted for, too.

As for the story, I don't think I'll see something quite like this ever again! The plot was dripping with uniqueness (I mean hell, I think the description has more weirdness than half of the cartoons on this site alone), and it managed to make the story really, "flow," I guess you could say. It's like my brain just accepted the quirky story with a shrug and let everything that was happening hit me with its emotion instead of its facts. It's like when you're watching a movie when you're a little kid; you may not understand everything, but you don't have to. The movie tells you the story though the emotion, while the details take the back seat. That's pretty difficult to muster, and while that's maybe not what you were going for, that's what I felt like, anyways. Awesome story, man, I liked it a lot!

Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this flash, considering how odd everything was starting to look before I hit play! I'll be watching this one every now and then, rest assured, and I'm glad this film is getting the attention it deserves! Thanks for the inspiration!
5 outta' 5!

Adventures of Dr. Lawyer Adventures of Dr. Lawyer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This was fantastic!
And not to mention surprisingly so! From the first click it looked a bit amateurish, what with the scribbly style and the lazy lip-syncing, but the way this show was pulled off pushed those factors away and provided a solid episode and a great provider of funny.

Animation wise, this was pulled off pretty well! It's nowhere near Pixar or the skill of that near one of the more renowned animators on this site, but it's style is surprisingly funny. The never-stagnant characters scribble around everywhere, and the more ridiculous situations (smashing through a police door and the exponential hair growth) are made more ridiculous thanks to the crude animation style. The backgrounds also present a great cartoony feel; the color usage in particular is bright and shiny, and nothing seems murky.

The sound was very unique! It was quiet enough usually to where it was a subtle design overall, and the sound effects, being mostly vocal, provided an incredibly weird indie feel to it that you wouldn't get from the more mainstream artists. The voice acting wasn't crazy fantastic, but it was blunt and crazy funny the way it was pulled off. The clever inside jokes littering the dialogue made you really yearn to listen, trying to catch the well-timed lines. The microphone had less clarity than I'd like, unfortunately, so more of the lines were harder to hear than they should've been.

Humor wise, however, this is where the flash shines the most! You can owe most of that to the comedic timing, which was impeccable! Even lines that shouldn't have been funny were hilarious thanks to when they happened, and the lines that would be funny no matter what were unstoppable thanks to it! Another huge part of it is due to the ludicrous nature of the universe. Fish wives, tree judges, pork chop slapping, guys with phones attached to their heads, almost parasitic mustaches, etc. It's all pretty damn crazy, and they pull it off as if they're just used to that sorta' thing. If there is one thing you've definitely got right, it's the humor.

Overall, a really great flash! I've been meaning to review it for a while, but couldn't quite put my finger on why it was so damn funny! It's not perfected, but it's brilliant nonetheless. I'll definitely be paying multiple visits to this one, and I await the new episodes!
5 outta' 5 and 4 and 1/2 stars!

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IDontKnowCorp responds:

Thanks bunches for the thoughtful review.
We're going to try and work on the sound quality the next go around, new mics and the likes.
Episode 2 is a ways away at this point... but I hope it doesn't disappoint :D

KOS Halloween KOS Halloween

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A solid episode for the series of KOS!

It's weird that I somehow managed to let this one just float on past along with some of the other stuff I watched comin' home from the Halloween antics. Anyways, it's a pretty cool episode! There are a few issues in it, but we'll touch on those later in the review. And, beware, this review is almost 100% critique, so bear with me, Onions!

Animation wise, there's some pretty cool stuff! The characters were rich with detail on terms of shading. The motion was an overall success, but could've used a bit less tweening and more natural motion.
The backgrounds, especially the sky, don't look sloppy! I'd like it if next time you tried some crazier camera angles, as I felt it the project was sometimes just setting a scene as basic as you could. Try to add some depth next time, with extra space and places to go in the background. Give those characters plenty of room-to-run in the universe given. Great job on background work nonetheless!

Sound was good! The voice actors had some quality microphones to record on, and my favorite actor present is still the voice of Kolaskum, so hats off to him. There were a few parts that seemed stiff in the voice presentation itself, as if the characters suddenly would ignore the situations they were presented with, and while this can be executed to provide some excellent comedy as it has before, I felt it was just something skimmed over for some of the plot.
Somethin' with the sound effects I've noticed is that some of them seem a bit out of place for this episode. I've loved the atmosphere with previous episodes where it was created like a mix between 8-bit'ish, cartoon and just straight-up whatever KOS is all about, and I felt less of that here. I'm not sure what to say about it, but thinking back to the cartoon without watching it again, I can't really put forth anything I remember as being the same, or tell you any one part with cool SFX. It's not bad, but not the same or as noteworthy. You can decide how to fix that one, Onions, I'm not sure!

The impact and effect of this flash was a bit lackluster, and, ironically and sadly enough, it's only brought upon by minor and fixable issues that could easily be tweaked on through with practice and patience! It's like all the gears are working great except for these weird ones that won't turn right in the back.
The characters look like guys I want to get to know, but I feel they could reveal more with personality. I know Onions as the protagonist dork, Koloaskum as the foil and Snowball as the add-on character, and by add-on, I'm saying that I don't see any prominent character traits with Snowball just yet. I'm sure you've got one, just show it better!
Also, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be in terms of who the target audience is. The characters look all cute n' kid friendly, not to mention cool, but they start pumpin' out dialogue with, "Faggot," and "Wrinkly old ball sack." No, I'm not being some pansy and saying you need only adhere to the kiddies, but I am saying that you should keep in mind who the series is for!
Finally, the plot felt a bit unresolved. I didn't learn much about anybody, nor did I feel this was given a proper The End. The ultimate self-destruct of anything is a bad or downer ending, and I feel you should stuff in some resolution and some after-math next time. Endings are SO critical!

Overall, you get the picture by now, right? Yeah, it sounds pretty harsh, but critique reviews always make people sound like jerks. I felt you could use some for this episode, though, as it seems it wasn't as well recieved as we'd like it to be. Was it rushed, was it badly timed or was it just terrible luck? I'm sure you're good enough to find out.
But I'm still a great fan, and smile with every new episode! I look forward to the next one, of course, and I hope you take my critique to heart. Also, contrary to what it sounds like, I did laugh to myself quite a bit! Hell, even sitting alone on this chair with no shirt on at that. "MY EYES ARE OFFENDED," got me pretty good.
5 outta' 5 and 8 outta' 10!

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OnionsXD responds:

This is just about the single most epic and most helpful review in the history of newgrounds. Hands down.

I bet you could easily get a job reviewing things.

But that aside. About the animation. I did use to much tweening and it was kinda obvious too. What I was doing was trying to imitate my friend Cristo's animation style of using mostly tweens. Now I realize that that only works well with his characters because there shapes. So for future cartoons I'll revert back to frame by frame animation. :P
And about the backgrounds I was pretty lazy with that (it's the worst for me)
And when I started it I drew one giant background, then zoomed into different parts to simulate "different backgrounds" Not only did that make the cartoon lag a bit, but it also does create the problem you mentioned about the space. (I realize that now)

So! No more creating one massive background.
I get what you mean about the script too, how it kinda gets off track and they don't seem to focus on the situation at hand. I think my next cartoon stays more focused though so that's good.

And about the 8-bit sound feel of previous episodes! I used to have this program calledSFXR that generated random 8-bit sounds. I would use that all the time to make sound effects. However, I only recently found the program again (since I had it on an old computer before) So when I made this cartoon I sadly didn't have the program anymore and couldn't get 8-bit sounds.

However, in my next cartoon I got some 8-bits in there. Like this part where Onions picks up the milk with a super duper happy face. XD

About the audience thing, originally I wanted the KOS series to be a teenager/kids type show. but with this I kinda strayed trying to add things adults would find humorous to get higher ratings.
I'm going to go back and make this more kids oriented though. And if I add any adult humor, I"ll make it really subtle. ^^

About the characters. Looking back I REALLY get what you mean that I don't illustrate their personalities quite well. When I write scripts that's just something that doesn't cross my mind much. I'll take note to make that important now though.

but you got it right pretty much, Onions is the main character and kinda stupid and a dork, Kolaskums the one that's always annoyed and pessimistic, and Snowballs the add-on character guy. Besides being smart he doesn't have too much of a extravagant personality. I like to just say he's a well rounded guy (just like his body) :D

The ending part was pretty abrupt and bad. Honestly I didn't know how to end it, since they had no goals or objectives. So that's what came out.

In my next cartoon though! There's an objective though! and the ending is actually my best part. I can't wait to finish it, as I've really taken a lot of criticism and I always realize that I knew subconsciously what's always wrong with my cartoons but I always let my laziness get the best of me and leave it as is.

But from now on, I realized I need to try my absolute best if I really wanna make something good. So I'm gonna try my best to try my best. :P

Thanks again for the help! You super helped me. :D

The Love I'm Searching 4 The Love I'm Searching 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An entertaining and beautiful work of art.

Truly a masterpiece, and one of the best things to hang in your "Flash Submissions," gallery. I was checkin' up on ya' again today and, I don't know how many times that makes it now, clicked this video again. I'd already left a lengthy review on This Is Unmei, and I felt this one deserved just as much, if not more, credit. So here we are, almost a year later and I finally decided to go ahead.

Animation wise, flawless for what you exceeded in and an incredible step up for what you used to not. The tweens are perfected, and I couldn't find a single problem with the fluidity of the motions involving walking, running, dancing or any other of the quirky little things these girls do. The characters were never just at a stand-still either, as reviewing of the scenes show great movement 24/7 in everybody, even the ones taking up background space.
As fantastic as the motion is (believe me, I could go on), you did such a great job on background work, that I had to pause and play over and over again just to check it out. The jpeg image usage was everywhere, but not in such a way to where you just slapped it down straight from Google Images. The backgrounds visualize consistency, depth-of-field, inside jokes and even development of characters. The lighting was handled smart, and I constantly went back just to check it out. If there was anything that took the biggest step up, it was this. Bra-freakin-vo.

As for sound, I loved it! You animated perfectly to The Rental's style, and the motions, just like in This Is Unmei and Don't Trip, even matched the rhythm and beat. The additional noises, like footsteps and various character noises were handled greatly and with good, high quality. I hope to hear more of the same later!

As for the impact and effect of the flash, I have to say, I still get that wonderful feeling of discovery and love when watching this like I did with This Is Unmei, all pertaining to the characters, the art, the music, and the emotion you managed to present so well. I felt the same sense of nostalgia upon seeing all the old characters like Jackie, Uli, Ilu and Melon, and felt another sense of wonder when seeing the new characters you've shown here. You showed the emotions and charisma of these girls with incredibly subtle details like body motion, things they do in the background and what they aspire to become. In fact, you showed the entire story with a sense of subtlety, and I love that! It's one of those great things you've created where I couldn't possibly get all of it from one viewing, and notice something new every time I click Replay. I felt an incredible sense of being in the universe of these Unmei-ish characters.
The story of it all - how these girls secretly desire to pursue their dreams of conducting, dancing, art and music - hit me even before I read your explanation.
I felt that there were things in my life that were similar as well, so the personal aspect, if you were heading for it, got me pretty good in the emotional sense of the word. Not like crying or anything, but in the sense that I wanted to watch it again and again and think of how I relate.
You say you wanted to create something fun to watch and beautiful to see all at the same time, and believe me when I say that you've done more than accomplish that with this piece. It's not something you can just write off with a simple vote of 5 or a thumbs up. It's something you wanna' watch again, show to your buds, and then think about it even after you've left the computer.

Overall, I can't tell you how happy I am to have discovered you and your work. This is one of the best, if not the best movies you created thus far, and this was in 2009, even! I still got the same vibes watching this at least a year later as I did when I first did, and that's impressive. You've got an incredibly unique way of telling a story, and I hope you never lose it. I await anything you do in the future, and I personally hope and would love to see the characters of Unmei again someday.

5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!

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Pokemon Bash Pokemon Bash

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Onions, DANG SON. Ecstatic that I saw this today!

Hey Onions, it's been a while! Yes, I'm still alive, thanks (and planning a new project soon to be released). Anyways, I was just scourin' the web a bit and GUESS WHO I FOUND on the Daily's?

Animation was pretty tight! The characters and a bit of the background in the beginning had that constantly spazzy outline that I love so much and and some other nice effects tossed in, such as hair movement and some other stuff. What really threw me for a loop was the background work, which was REALLY impressive this time around! The shading was crazy nice and used plenty, plus it went well with the already solid art style. The blurring and color scheme topped it all off, so fantastic work on the art, Onions, it's getting so much better!

Sound was nice! The music was awesome, especially in the credits. The voice work was solid also, so bravo and cheers to the others who helped you in this flash!

Humor was pretty solid in itself. I always did wonder what was goin' through a Sudowoodo's mindset as it would get mistaken for some small tree and chopped up, so this was plenty enough for me! What you should start workin' on is including EVERYBODY in on your work and your jokes, as I'm sure some of it is going to be lost when it comes to different audiences. Also, some of the humor is a bit stereotypical for the Newgrounds crowd up to this point; somethin' nefarious happens to someone, someone contemplates life, someone dies, PUNCHLINE. It never hurts to have a change of pace, as I'm getting a little used to shock-humor and the like. Albeit, your poke-ball at the end was the funniest thing I've seen for today's internet-touring extravaganza, so thank you.

Overall, nit-picks aside, this was awesome, and I was hella' impressed, Onions! I like where I see you goin', and once you nail whatever's keeping you from being fantastic, there's no telling where I'll see ya' next! I'll try to keep up more with you, man, as long as you keep it up yourself. Also, you're stepping in more of the big-leagues here, so no more easy 10's from me, BOY. I'll give you a good ol' 9 for a head start, but you better watch yourself. c:

5 outta' 5 and 10 outta' 10!

And how've ya' been, huh? Haven't said much in a while, have we?
Congrats on the Daily Second, by the way! If anything else happens to come your way, then congrats on that, too!

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks for the review Bonehead! Yours are always SO epic. :DD

It took a dang while for me to actually get a good trophy and front page. But now that I got so far, I'm actually going to start working on cartoons ALOT. I actually already have a Halloween cartoon that's ready to submit. I'm just waiting for the Halloween. :))

I actually made this in an animation class that I'm taking at college. We spent three weeks on just doing the backgrounds, so I spent quite awhile on them. They're actually the thing I hate most about making cartoons but I grudged through it. XD

Apparently I didn't shade right in this cartoon though. Some people have commented how it's all over the place, which makes sense because I had no light source in mind.

And the Humor. I totally get what you say. But for my class we had to come up with a ten second gag cartoon. I actually went overboard with my idea so extending it even more would've been going too far for the class. XD
HOWEVER, with my future KOS! Episodes. I think the humor will be loads better. I learned a little (and am still learning) about the basics of comedy. Like having weird characters in normal situations or vice versa. So that's only going to improve from now on I hope. :D

I can't wait to see your cartoon when it's out! Send me a PM when you submit it! ^^

Thanks again for the review !:D

Cristo and the Gorilla! Cristo and the Gorilla!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lovin' how this one turned out!

Awesome job, man! It just keeps gettin' better!

Animation wise, this one was really improved! The detail on the backgrounds was really impressive this time around, and that gorilla head wasn't drawn up in 4 minutes, I'll tell ya' that, haha! The motion was also really good on the destruction on the house and the characters! I can tell you took the time a lot of yer' time on that kinda' stuff for this! While it took you just a week to make, I can tell it wasn't rushed!

Sound was, as they'd say in 2004, PRETTY TIGHT. The destruction noises were pretty good, and you took advantage of the stereo aspect of it for some if it too, and that's also cool! Voice acting was also nice, by the way! Lookin' back to the cereal animation, I could also tell that a higher quality mic was also being used this time! Definitely made a difference!

Overall, I like how this is going for ya'! If I had to complain about somethin', it did lack any actual...point to it, and it was a bit short, too. Looking aside from those gripes, you're doin' great! Keep it up man!
5 outta' 5 and 10 outta' 10!

*Absolute Zero* *Absolute Zero*

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good job, made me space out for a bit, haha!

Didn't blow me away or anything but it was nice! Pretty mesmerizing to say the least. By the way, before I forget, and since a few have been wondering...

an instrumental version of the song SELECT? by Chihara Minori. She was Yuki Nagato's voice actor in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Not quite sure if I'm proud that I know that, but whatever. You're welcome, and, FakeMistake, please point that out, it's a good song and people wanna' know what it is. You'll be doing everyone a favor.

Anyways, on to the actual review.
Visuals were pretty simple but get the job done! The background was real nice and trance like, and the motion of said characters in particular was real good! The only thing really being a put off here are how scribbly some of it got. I wasn't quite sure that that was the best medium to go with. It looked good, but could've looked better.
Also, was there a meaning to this? Not really, unless I'm missing something. Usually these things have more of a point, but hey, that's adds to the randomness and maybe to some of it's I can't complain.

Overall, nice video! I await what you do next, that's for sure!
5 outta' 5 and 8 outta' 10!
Keep it up!

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FakeMistake responds:

Yup, you're right about the music (and so was the other two down below). And since I was just actually waiting to see if anyone would notice, now that it's reveled, I added it to the author comments.

All in all, thanks for the review.

Spoiler - There was a meaning to it, but it got kind of reduced in the making

Generic Protagonist #1 Generic Protagonist #1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I must say man, this was really funny!

I was convinced by the title of the flash alone to watch this freakin' thing, and boy I'm glad I did!

Animation, as I always refer to first when it comes to a review, fit the subject matter. It all looks ridiculous, and the facial expressions are all over the place. I will say that while the drawings were crap (I'll give you the upside of this and say that was on purpose, haha!), the animation was actually alright! I must say what I enjoyed most about the animation, and probably the reason I like it so much is the comedic timing was perfect! I was laughing out loud the whole time, and I was all by myself, dammit! Since it's an extremely important aspect (especially for me), I gave you some huge points for that! Good lord, the lava pit being owned by apple was hilarious.

Sound was ok. I'm not going to say something like, "LOL, you are a genius you need to sign up for Pixar you have the voice of angels ROFL," because that's really not the case, here. The mic ain't very good, because without subtitles, it's near impossible to hear some of the dialogue. The voice actor itself lacked some enthusiasm when it came to delivery, too. However, thanks to your sense of timing, a lot of the lines came off as awesome! The one, "AH," said with the pants flying at him really made me bust a gut, and some of the more nonsensical lines and muttering were also great. You've got a ton of talent space to fill, but I'm impressed nonetheless.

Overall, that was great, man! You definitely deserved your front page, and I'm glad I watched this!
5 outta' 5, 9 outta' 10 and favorited!

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drodZILiA responds:

Thanks, bro.

This is UNMEI This is UNMEI

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're now my favorite animator on this site.

You most certainly earned it! I can't even fathom how you pulled this one off!

Now then, animation wise...well good GAWD. Your style is fantastic! Like, seriously, you probably don't even realize how good it really is! There was not a single moment in the movie that dragged at all, and that's HARD for music videos. Most people when it comes to these things reuse as many shots as possible, drag it out as much as they can so as to not put in the effort they need to put in and just straight up slow down any excitement and style they had going for them. I just wanted to let you know that you've got it! Not one shot was noticeably or shamefully reused, and the experimentation with them really work out! Effects are everywhere, the camera is dynamic, and motion the characters have in them is phenomenal! You certainly didn't take the easy way out! Another thing is that your tween use is perfect! Most people just don't get how to do a good tween, but, let me tell ya', the tweens in this are tasteful and perfected! And I haven't talked about the art yet, have I? You've got a scribbly style to your characters, but there's not ONE bad drawing in this whole movie. Not one. The JPEG files in this usually wouldn't have worked if it came to some other animator, but you've really got it down, and it compliments the crap out of your work! Believe me, Skaijo, you've got me well impressed!

Now let's talk about sound. The music you've chosen for this is FANTASTIC. Being a fan of the Japanese music to start off with, I was already excited when I heard the song start up, but it went so far ahead of my expectations! The song had this great and catchy chorus that I'll be humming for at least a month and then some, and the style throughout the whole piece was great, with it's own unique twist of pop rock that I've yet to hear within a flash or just anywhere for that matter! What gives this flash the style it has is how you used the song to the flash! All of the flash moves in the tempo given and takes full advantage of the energy of the song, making some really great moments and climaxes! Great choice!

As for the feeling of the flash, I can't even explain it. There's something so great and magical about how this makes me feel that I can't put it in words. It's got it's charm in the characters, the intensity of the action and not to mention your trademark brand of humor (the easter egg with the note passed around was the wittiest and most sarcastic thing I've read in a while, not to mention all the other secrets, too)! I'm still not sure if you quite understand what you've made here, but believe me when I say it's much better then you think. I don't know why, but there's this unmistakable feeling of happiness I felt watching this, and the climax of it all literally gave me goosebumps, and it still continues to do so!
I'll be honest, I first heard of you through the Professor Layton series, and, yes, it was hilarious. But I realize now that you are SO MUCH more then just some humorous video game parody series, and I'm so ecstatic that I've managed to come across you and your flash work, as it truly inspires me to do so much more myself. What I like most about it is that it looks like you've had tons of fun making it, too, and that's very important!

By the way, I'll say that this is the best work that you've submitted thus far. I've seen Don't Trip and The Love I'm Searching 4 and they were both incredibly impressive, and I also saw the stuff you're currently working on and it looks to be even better then anything you've made yet! You've got unmistakable talent.

Overall, this is the best flash movie I've seen in a long time, and it's the best one I WILL SEE in long time. I'm not quite sure why this one in particular means so much to me, but it does, and I thank you so much for making this. And plus, I'm sorry this was so long, but I really wanted to pour my heart out, and I think you'll appreciate this nonetheless!
5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!

Characters remaining for the review? Zero.

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Skaijo responds:

Thanks for much for the two loving reviews. I love feed back and a good pat on the back over numbers and ratings any day. It's like a letter you wrote me, and I really appreciate it.

I was in a really good mood when I made this animation. I think what happened was that I finished Pick Up: Act 2, which I pushed myself so hard and for so long that I kinda got burned out and wanted to just make something, on my own, for fun--that I can try new effects on and animation styles--with the added confidence that working on Pick Up had offered. I tell you, this was entirely a fly by the seat kind of animation where I'd think of what the next second of animation would be only when I reached it. It really helped keep the animation fresh and I really enjoyed what came out of it overall. This is definitely one of my most proud pieces of work that has plenty of personal homages, favorite show references at the time, and humor that reflect my life when I made this. In case you'd like to know, I've long since given the characters names that I never really felt I could get away with by mentioning in the animations since they're so short:

Main Character (girl with the black sword): Uli Unmei
Little Sister of the Main Character (and also the little girl seen at the end of Don't Trip): Ilu Unmei (same as Uli, but backwards)
Ilu's friend (the one with the beedy black eyes, and also the character wearing yellow in The Love I'm Searching 4): Melon
Aunt of both Uli and Ilu, and de facto parent/guardian: Jacki "Big Tits" Unmei. She's named after the song Jackie Big Tits by The Kooks.

I'm glad you saw what I'm working on. Of all of my animations, This is UNMEI most closely matches the tone I want to go for in my next major project--in fact, I will crank it even further with action and love. But most importantly, just good vibrations that viewers like you will pick up on for def.

Campus Nerds Shortie: 3-1 Campus Nerds Shortie: 3-1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's about DAMN time someone made this.

Holy freakin' gord, if you weren't already my hero, then you are now Superman.

Animation is the best lookin' crap I've ever seen. And by crap, I mean crap, 'cause they all look like crap. But my god, you make crap look great. I'm going to say it's all because of the animation style, as everyone bounces around, the mouths jump around nonstop, and it's always so freakin' busy. Of course, having a busy scene is in no way only done by animation when it comes to you. You've got a freakin' talent for voices EVERYWHERE. Sure, as some people complain, that's the deal with everything you've done, but I'm not complaining until I stop laughing, and that hasn't happened yet.

Now then, the concept stole the show. Look, man, I may have never taken a step on your old campus, and I probably never will, but I've been there, you can believe that. Everyone zoomin' around this flash is someone I've seen before, and most I see EVERY DAY. And they are ripe for parody. Good lord, the hug chick? The creepy loner who follows the hug chick? The dork who plays Nintendo on the GOD FORSAKEN LAPTOP? That guy who won't feed his freakin' self? Ugh. And you know what they all have in common? You know what you hit spot on? They make the BIGGEST freakin' deal about, good gawd.

Overall, this is perfect. I will now send this to everyone that fits any bit of this criteria.
5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!

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