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Max Parrish Cast Max Parrish Cast

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's STILL getting better, Xander! How in the crap are you doing that? You haven't stagnated yet!

It seems that you're giving your characters more differentiation; tall characters are taller and big characters are bigger, if that makes sense. There also seems to be more detail! It's not like detail was absent previously or anything, but the ruffles on Valerie's and June's skirt and the stripes on Max's jacket stand out to me more than the previous designs. I miss Claire's funky coat (went pretty damn well with her hair), but that's alright; it's not like I don't admire the shorts and the new knee-high's. c:

And hey, June's black now! Ethnicity, BRING IT.
The change looks nice, too; brown and purple are just good colors to me.

Definitely keep it up with the character designs, it's getting much better! I really need to start doing my own with Cletus the Cowpoke, and this is a great reminder and motivator!

FrostDrive responds:

Yep! I pushed the designs a lot. Made the skinny skinnier, and the buff buffer. etc.
I also made sure to actually give the girls different bodies too. It's pretty cool what you can do if you get creative about bodies. Valeries now got a short torso and long legs, and I think that really account for her character.

You don't have to miss Claire's funky coat!! The characters actually change outfits throughout the entire story, to add a sense of real life to it. But they all have their own kind of styles too.
I'm sure designing so many outfits is gonna get tedious eventually though. haha

and YES. You need to get all the character designs down for Cleetus the Cowpoke. I'd blow my pants to see that.

Space Girl. Space Girl.

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Nice job, Minty, DANG!!

I love it, this is awesome! Great proportions, poppin' background effect and some sexy linears! Well, sexy girl, too, I guess, good job on that. c:
I especially like the glowy thing in her hands and the look of her face and boots!

Keep it up!! <3

MintyCake responds:

Hey! Thank ya'. C:

Happy Birthday, Hyptosis. Happy Birthday, Hyptosis.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! This looks fantastic!

Dude, you outdid yourself on this one!

The curves on the character really suit the hell outta' her! The eyes look gorgeous and GOOD LORD, the hair and the hips are spot on! It might've been already mentioned, but those freckles really work, not to mention the clothes look spot on! The background is also very impressive, with a modern and very cartoonish look the complements your work a hundred times over.

Overall, I'm glad I've discovered your profile, today! You've got one HELL of a style, I'll tell you that right now. When it comes to drawing cute, curvy girls, you've got it DOWN, and after seeing all the other work you've done, I can't see that you ain't stoppin' any time soon. Keep it up, man, I'll be waiting for the next one you do!
5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!

P.S. Was Hyptosis pleased?...or rather, how ecstatic did he get, haha! There isn't no way in hell I wouldn't be with that. Happy Freakin' Birthday for him!

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memories memories

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great job again, rtil!!

I'd go on and on about how much your style is, and has been, and always will be fantastic in every aspect, but the character limit for this review couldn't hold it.

But I will say this; Keep rockin' out, rtil, yer' awesome at whatcha' do!

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Kyun Kyun

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hahaha. Love that game!

I love how I rated it a 5, and the score went DOWN.

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late for art class late for art class

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Heh heh, nice doodle!

Is it just me, or do the best drawings happen when you shouldn't be doing them?

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robot repair service robot repair service

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Jeezus, Rtil, yer' making all of us look bad!

You've got quite the skill for art, animation, and overall flash and photoshop prowess! This piece has some truly great detail to it, and was definitely not drawn overnight, either!

What I hear some people complain about are 2 things.
One is the fact that you keep drawing girls in your art pieces.
...what's the problem here? That's just freakin' fine with me. And besides, as you've hilariously replied as once before, "Wouldn't a girl fetish make me straight?" It most certainly would.
The other problem is that the bodies are entirely proportionate.
Look guys, it's a freakin' cartoonish body structure. Do you honestly think that the legs were supposed to be to the correct proportions? Seriously, it's obviously the guy's style, and I happen to like it, just so ya' know. I don't like his style making that score any lower.

Anyways, there's my rant.

I loved this piece, Ritl! You keep rockin' on and showing us how much freakin' better you are at this than about 90% of everybody else, and have yourself a nice day.
5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!

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rtil responds:

the funny thing about the proportions is that all my girls used to be really really skinny, but over time they've put on a bit more weight. i always thought they looked more appealing now. thanks