Entry #21

Katamari Damacy and Rhythm Heaven Mash-up?

2015-05-09 11:13:17 by Bonehead93


Long time no see again, Newgrounds! You guys are looking nice and burly. Anyways, I've got a brand new video; I've always wanted to make a Rhythm Heaven parody (even though I understand I'm late to the bandwagon), and since I love Katamari Damacy like nobody's business, this is what happened!  Be sure to check it out here at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/657404?updated=1 or alternatively, you can find on YouTube here below. Thanks for your time, guys! Ya'll can get back to whatever else it is you're wasting your time with. 




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2015-05-11 03:50:20

Wow this was so well done! Congrats on some great work.

Bonehead93 responds:

Thanks a bunch!


2015-05-11 04:22:05

Wow, this was really well done indeed! I love the smoothness of the Rooftop Samurai Prince. I hope this gets millions of views!

Bonehead93 responds:

I spent the most time on The Prince, so I'm glad he turned out well. Thanks for the comment!


2015-05-11 19:03:11

You did great, man. Not much to say because it was so good. Fantastic.

Bonehead93 responds:

Thanks man, glad you like it!


2015-07-27 12:10:39

Is Maximillion Bagsworth backburnered again? 8 months with no news and a completely different video uploaded in the mean time. That video was your highest rated work. You should get a sequel done. I've been looking forward to seeing it finished for 5 years.

Bonehead93 responds:

To be honest, everything's on the back burner right now! I've been working two jobs for a while, so my free time to animate is super low now. However, I constantly think about how much I want to finish up that episode, so eventually it will come together once I can free up my schedule. Believe me, a new Maximillion would be super awesome.

Regardless, thanks for liking my submissions, I appreciate your thoughts!